Wednesday, April 20, 2011

millions of children are assuming everything is amazing and will always be that way *

The other day we visited our favourite place and I packed a small chocolate bunny in our picnic. I told Frieda we were going to practice egg-hunting and hid it while she closed her eyes and counted to ten.
Then I did the whole 'cooler, warmer, very warm' thing until she returned victorious with her prize and plopped down onto the blanket next to her sister (still as yet unaware of the joys and lifelong relationship with chocolate she will no doubt embark on in the near future) to unwrap it.

Holding its plump chocolately goodness in her hand she turned to me with a grin and said, 'And when I've finished Mum I'm going to hide an Easter egg for you to find.'
'Oh, I didn't bring another one sweetie, but that's ok, enjoy yours.'

There was a long pause as she looked at me earnestly. And then, with only the smallest trace of reluctance flickering deep inside her big blue eyes she said, very seriously, 'Well then you can have half of mine Mum.'
Could you hear the sound of my heart breaking into a million shards of love and tenderness?

Could there be a greater act of love from a nearly 4 year old?

* from the Manifesto of Encouragement , one of those things I'm usually deeply cynical and boring about, but this line got me - and a couple more over there if I must be honest.

Remember to stop and view the world through the eyes of children. There is no happier place.


middle child said...

This is a place you live? What beauty! The picture is great and yes, the sweetness of children can bread our hearts.

Unknown said...

Your picture looks like it came staight out of a fairy tale book! Beautiful!!!

Fi said...

Gorgeous! xx

Inge said...

everything about this post is simply beautiful! :)

Cally said...

What a sweetheart, you must be so proud :)

spudballoo said...

Sniff, that is all. Sniff. Xxxx