Friday, May 20, 2011

it's my birthday & I can braai* if I want to

Steak. Mushrooms. Garlic Bread. Pumpkin.
Yin & Yang white & dark chocolate mousse.

After a birthday serenade this afternoon from this lot:

To think in another lifetime they could've all been mine.
That's enough to make one gag on one's (very, very lovely) red wine!

Happy days!



Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Molly! Kids sing Happy Birthday the best, don't you think? :)

Possum said...

Happy Birthday Molly!! Or as they say ehre on the island...feliz anniversario.
I LOVE that picture!

Unknown said...

happy birthday! I am sure they sounded like angels.

krista said...

happy happy birthday, lovely! any day that included a serenade from that little rogue of bandits is indeed special. xoxo

formatie nunta said...

Happy Birthday, I wish you a beautiful and long life. This picture it is very nice, the kids are adorable.

Laura (Singapore) said...

Happy birthday Molly I like your blog but, may I ask, why does your daughter not have any black friends? I thought it was the rainbow nation now :S

Molly said...

Hi Laura, thanks for the wishes but, may I say, it's extremely presumptuous of you to assume that a) these are the sum total of my daughter's friends and b) that she doesn't have any black ones.
I'm happy that you like my blog but please check your own bias at the door in future.

To everyone else, thank you so much for warm and non-judgmental greetings - I had a lovely birthday!

Skinny laMinx said...

I'm late, late, late, I know, but happy birthday anyway. xox