Wednesday, May 25, 2011

one of those

Wherein you wake up to a power failure which persists for twenty hours.

Wherein your card gets declined after a massive grocery shop due to some ineffectual bank fuck-wittery.

Wherein your body, in an unnecessary act of biological show(wo)manship, insists on menstruating even though you're not planning on ever making use of your reproductive system ever again.

Wherein you commit an act of epic parenting failure by inadvertently (obviously) forgetting to set the brakes on the pram, turning around just in time to see your precious baby lurch face-forward off the pavement, landing under her pram, onto the tarmac, right in front of an indignant woman who then berates you - as if the grazed and hysterical face of your offspring wasn't already cutting you to ribbons.

One of those days.


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MissBuckle said...

I hear you sister.

Charlene said...

Bad things happen in threes and you've had your three. Relax.

Possum said...

Wherein...brilliant word usage on a crapptastic day. A pox on that berater!!

Anonymous said...

Saturday: Wherein we shall:
-Drink champagne and eat cupcakes
-Open presents and giggle
-Go for hour long full body massages
-Be fed the perfect medium rare steaks from afternoon braai
-Get dressed up in our gladrags
-Go to the ballet where you can pre-order a gin and tonic to be waiting for you at interval!
-And someone else can hold (/drop - not funny? Too soon?) the baby.

yinxue said...
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Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I want to join you and Anonymous for champagne and cupcakes!

And if it makes you feel better...

when sam was about three months old, i neglected to strap him in his stroller and he um...slid out. all the way. the only difference is nobody saw.

oh, god, i hope nobody saw. and he is sorta normal after the debacle, so you should just forget about it.

xo. (and thank you for the footsie covers for annie. when the post office doesn't seem like a scary-germy place you'll have a proper thanks in your box.)

spudballoo said...

Oh gawd...I am hearing you. And handing over the wine. And a straw. And chocolate. xx

DB Stewart said...

Can you get Aero bubbles where you live? GET THEM.

Murr Brewster said...

My parents dropped me on my head so many times it's gone square. I turned out all right. They're dead though.

Claire said...

we all have those days... they suck, but at least its in the past now :D don't dwell on the past, sister :)

Unknown said...

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