Sunday, May 15, 2011

language cont.

Sunday morning. Our kitchen.

Frieda: 'Fuck!'

Me: ' ... ! ... '

Frieda: 'Fuck!'

Me, as nonplussed as possible: 'Frieda, that's really not a nice word. I don't like you using it.'

Frieda, rolls eyes: 'Jesus Christ'

.... hat?


MissBuckle said...


(have to say that the word verification was bless :-))

middle child said...

And it's so hard not to laugh.

Charlene said...

I never used that word until I was 20 and newly married. I used the word and Dennis was shocked! "Why are you saying that word?" I told him I didn't know it until he used it. SMILE

Possum said...


julochka said...

in Danish we call those resourcestærke forældre. well done!

Sarah said...

It's so HARD not to laugh and encourage them. And yet, I fail every time :)

Unknown said...

funny what kids say

krista said...

the other day i was driving (running errands on a sunday) and i hear from the backseat: "mommy, why did you say 'douchebag' to that man?"
um, yeah.