Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas is a constant

And thank god, or the Christmas elves, or ole FC himself, for that.

Christmas in our family is of a nature where regardless of how many of us (me!) had a mega slump week, or happened to get German Measles out of the blue (child!), or how many builders (6!) snuck out the back door just as Christmas itself came in the front, or how many poor Husbands (1!) worked himself to the ground trying to appease impossible clients in Pakistan, Christmas still happened, and it was lovely.

From seriously wishing on the 23rd that Christmas as a concept would just f*k off I managed to regain enough cheer to put up a smallish tree, make a batch of mince pies, simmer 2 gammons in a vat of Coca-Cola (love you Nigella) 'til they reached juicy perfection and pack presents, aforementioned food, spotty child and all manner of other gash into my car and limp to my Mum's. There to be greeted with a cool and serene spare room for a most necessary nap, a Christmas eve dinner which couldn't be beat, a family which laughs and loves through any adversity and the realisation that Christmas is a constant, because my family is.

And that I can always, always depend on them to make everything ok.


MissBuckle said...

Glad to hear you all are feeling better. Happy Christmas.

AnnaB said...

So love being a part of it. x