Wednesday, December 09, 2009

there's a first time for everything*

(*like my first post for December ... )

But no, this is about Frieda's firsts - there's been enough of them recently to warrant mention.

1. her first somersault - executed with masterful control and no risk of neck breakage.

2. her first advent calendar (not, despite best intentions, made by me, but sent from England, arriving in a big envelope addressed to Miss Frieda - far more exotic and exciting I think) - now every morning we open just one 'Christmas window', again displaying masterful (self) control.

3. her first library card - a momentous event in anybody's life, and one of those experiences which makes me love being a parent - introducing my kiddie to something which has given me such love and joy, and proudly watching her already ferocious appetite for books.

4. her first monster milkshake from Royale in Long Street. It was Milo & Banana and it was so large she had to stand on her chair to drink it from a straw.

5. her first day at school. Well, not really, but we went to a parent/teacher meeting at the little school she'll be starting at next year, to meet her teacher and some of the other kids who'll be in her class. She loved it.

All major milestones, all proud parenting moments, all tugs on my heart as she grows up.


AnnaB said...

Missing you guys. Lots.

Much love and congrats x B

MissBuckle said...

Friedas firsts are making me miss my Little Man even more.

Not going home till sunday. But I get to spend time with lovely lovely Julochka and Kristina tomorrow :-)

PurestGreen said...

First library card - I think that is one of the best things in life.

Have been blog hoppiing and found you this evening. Great post. :)