Tuesday, December 22, 2009

le grinch

~ christmas spirit is when you hide in the house until the rubbish collection guys have passed so as to avoid their verging on extortionate demands for a donation to their 'Christmas box'.

~ christmas spirit is when you feel like a magnanimous benefactor when you're able to vacate your parking space for another frazzled shopper. You reverse out gracefully and wave them in as if you're bestowing great honour.

~ christmas spirit is when some fuck tries to squeeze past you and your packed shopping trolley, elbowing you in your clearly very pregnant stomach, just to get out of the lift first.

~ christmas spirit is when a dude demonstrating a remote control car is so eager to make a sale that he drives it into a little old lady's shins, and doesn't really apologise.

~ christmas spirit is when a lady security guard rushes over to your car to help the very pregnant woman load up her heavy bags of shopping.
Merci nice Ghanian lady, you restored my faith a little.


MissBuckle said...

I gave up my seat in the line at the butchers yesterday to a man with a broken leg. He was geuninely suprised that I offered him my seat.

Tooting Squared said...

Oh dear, my lovely.
Are you not feeling a lot of Christmas spirit?
What if someone you have only know via the blogosphere says ... MERRY CHRISTMAS! I hope you have a good one! xxx

Dana said...

Aaahh, the joy of Christmas! :-)
People running around and being completely stressed out. It's a good job there are some nice souls about too (like your security lady).

Lovely blog, by the way!

ToBlog today said...

Sorry you had a bad experience today. Take a deep breath and don't worry about it.

Have a healthy, joyest, holiday season.