Thursday, December 17, 2009

pale & wan

Not normally words I'd associate with myself, but two words which have rung very true the last few days. I had a 24h stomach bug on Monday (oh the irony of a vomit-free 1st trimester and then that), all time record low blood pressure on Tuesday and just haven't seemed to right myself since then.
The Docs aren't concerned, low blood pressure doesn't pose nearly the same kind of risks to pregnancy as high, they're all just telling me to lie down, feet up, take it easy and ride it out.


Nevermind that it's Christmas in one week and I've not:
  • posted a bunch of handmade Christmas cards (which'll never make it to Europe in time now)
  • completed my Christmas shopping
  • made any headway on decorations and I think Frieda will divorce us if we don't have a tree this year
  • done any seasonal appropriate grocery shopping or
  • baked or made one yummy Christmas themed edible yet.
Nevermind that this was supposed to be the last week of work and I've hardly managed to do a thing.
Nevermind that our builders packed up and left for holidays on Tuesday with the job not 100% completed but leaving us with a gorgeous new kitchen, bathroom, patio dying to be scrubbed and moved into and played in and I'm unable to do any of that.
Nevermind that I'm in possession of a 2.5 yr old. Say. No. More.
Nevermind that 'tis the season to be merry and all that and I've had to turn down innumerable social invitations to have fun and see old friends and go to the beach and generally be frikkin merry 'n all.

No, nevermind all that, for this isn't just about me see. This is one of those moments where one becomes acutely aware of being the conduit, the vehicle, the womb.
There's a little girlie inside of me, thumping away like she has all the energy in the world I might add, and she's calling the shots. And I must take heed and lie down.

If only it was as easy as it evidently is for that ginger kitty. Clearly her Christmas shopping's all done.

PS Yes I know that window's in a terrible state of disrepair, that's clearly not the recently renovated side of the house!
PPS Can you see the wee madam in question clad in turquoise stripes reflected in the window? I only noticed her after I posted the pic.


MissBuckle said...

Oh, I so know how you feel sweets. I have my feet up too, and I've not even made my cards yet.

But I managed to cry myself to a Christmas holiday. So come december 24th I have time off till january 4th. Yay!

(Maybe my head will stop spinning then)

julochka said...

oh, honey, i feel for you...but at least the sun shines where you are and that's something.

i hope you have a lovely christmas, despite the whole growing another person thing that saps so much energy.

Fi said...

Ohh never mind indeed, for there are many better things to do than make festive themed edibles. Like buy them and then take them to bed... Not sure what to suggest for the 2.5 year old though!

Sorry you are not in your shiny new kitchen yet. New year?

Just Jules said...

I was just thinking about how last year at this time I ended up in the hospital. I pretty much ripped the IV out of my arm on the on the 23rd because I hadn't purchased a single gift for my children. I came to realize on that day that it is just a day. is just a day on the calender, it can be celebrated ANYTIME - it is ok if you all end up having Christmas morn on the 3rd of Jan. breath......

Christ was most likely born around July - someone just picked this date on the calender, it is what you make when you make it.

(that said, the OCD side of me gets what you are saying!!!!! totally)

spudballoo said...

Oh dear. It's so tough being a HOST, then hostes Christmas, entertaining a 2.5 year old etc. You're quite right with your priorities though. tis only christmas, and this time next year just think how much fun it will be!


Sarah Lulu said...

I do love the little glimpse in the window reflection.

Nothing to do but go with the flow ...which is on pause, nurture and rest for now.

Christmas will unfold anyway!