Sunday, January 30, 2011

16 hour cookies

I never pay any heed to the 'preparation time' given in recipes. It's always bullshit in my experience. Especially when baking. I bake to relax, it's all about the journey.
Which is reason the one why I've not been baking lately, not enough time.

Reason the two involves the extra kilo's I'm still carrying courtesy of young Stella.

Reason the three involves the relative unpleasantness of baking in 30+ degree heat. Not so relaxing.

However despite all the above, I've been achin' to be bakin' (alternative title for this post) and this weekend I overcame these obstacles like so.

Last night after the girls were asleep, while finishing up supper, I weighed out all the ingredients. Much later, post dinner and the final episode of Sons of Anarchy, season one (part of our life quest to find a series as good as The Wire, we're not there yet), I mixed up the two batches of dough and refrigerated overnight.
This morning, I took the dough out to soften first thing, and then tackled the cookies during Stella's morning nap. Resourceful no?

They worked out grand.

They worked out so grand that Frieda went around with the recipe and a cookie exclaiming, 'They look just the same!' Clearly I don't get it right often enough.

Of course in an alternate universe, involving less 3 year old participation, I'd have made them like this ~ checkerboard. Now that'dve been impressive. Maybe one day ...

So I made the time, thoroughly enjoyed the journey, didn't die of heat exhaustion turning the oven on during the day but I fear I confirmed just why I shouldn't be baking right now... when it comes to the eating I have no restraint.
Just one more before bed ...


Laoch of Chicago said...

Great looking cookies!

Inge said...

they look delicious! as far as series go, have you watched the one called "crash" with dennis hopper? if not,i recommend it strongly.season 1 was great..

dbs said...

A beautiful thing.

middle child said...

I am soooo hungry now. And I haven't made Pinwheels in a long time. I'd bake some but we went to the bakery this a.m.

Unknown said...

Baking is relaxing to me and I also cannot stop at one cookie!

hmmm..I think I still have some brownies left from yesterday!

Kathleen xx

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

I let Cadence and Sam help me make oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies on Saturday night. They each got their own bowl of oats and I did most of the actual work. There was a considerable amount of cleaning up and er...sweeping after it was all said and done, but having "helpers" was so much better than having a pack of needy shirt-tale tuggers.

no one special said...

They look so good!!