Sunday, January 23, 2011

child abuse

Forgive me for continuing the theme (the theme being: woe is me), but check out the latest in my collection of injuries.

Hmmm, doesn't look as impressive as I'd hoped it is. But observe in the background, the grinning perp.

She has 4 teeth and she knows how to use them. On me. Nobody else mind, just me.
'Cos she's practically weaned but still wants a piece of me?
Or just 'cos I'm delicioussssss?

PS Very difficult to photograph one's own upper arm.
PPS Yes, that is my arm. Not my thigh. I lost weight breast-feeding, but not that much weight.


Unknown said...

I had two black eyes and a broke nose from a head butt!

Man the weekend needs to get better for you.

A glass of wine and some soft music with some noise cancelling headphones!

kathleen xx

Possum said...

Classic shot of the perp!
Sorry for giggling at your plight but it's just so damned funny.

krista said...

i totally thought that was your leg and i was going to punch you in the shin for having a leg that small when you have a baby that small.
well played, lady. well played.

dbs said...

Perv babies. I'm surprised someone hasn't made a movie yet. Oh yeah, they did: Little Man. Your photo is way funnier though.

Stephanie Meade Gresham said...

Sam bit my big toe the other day. Not fun. But man, teeth marks?? Little booger.

Syefa Amanina said...

Hahaa.. I love that grin!