Wednesday, January 05, 2011

deliriously hot ...

... me in my little black sundress. Ha ha, forgive me a moment of wannabe MILF-dom.

Ahem, I digress.

Cape Town is sooooooo HOT!!! 38+ degrees CELSIUS for the second day today!!! Same predicted for tomorrow!!! No wind!!!

Awesomeness. (And totally unapologetic use of CAPS and multiple annoying exclamation marks).
There's a few more.

Snapshots from an idyllic summer:

~ cruising down a highway this morning, thermometer showing 38 degrees, ice-cold aircon blasting, gorgeous soaring opera on the stereo
~ jumping in the pool between appointments, arriving for lunch date a little damp around the edges
~ blissful child-free late lunch with thermometer showing 38 degrees, ice-cold white wine, gorgeous soaring opera in the background, unfolding vista of sunbaked Cape Town stretching around us
~ arriving home a little wine-fuelled, planning to throw together a few things and take kiddies to beach for late afternoon romp, only to have plans dashed by a 3 yr old who didn't 'feel like the beach'. Wtf? I thought that kind of crap only started around 12?
~ throwing self, 3 yr old and baby into the pool instead (Stella's first swim!) and staying there 'til we got all wrinkly
~ supper with husband on back patio, thermometer showing 31 degrees (8pm!), ice-cold bull terrier nose on leg (she was chasing ice cubes round the floor), gorgeous sounds of pool pump throbbing in background (hmph)
~ swimming at 10 pm for the second consecutive night
~ staying up too late packing for dawn run to the beach tomorrow

Can I take a moment for how different I'm feeling about the heat compared to last year?


Fi said...

I need a holiday to your house, sounds beautiful. New Year love to you & yours, ox

Inge said...

just have to say, i envy you!!! it sounds delightful,especially compared to here,with minus 10 and metres of snow;) enjoy!

MissBuckle said...

So jealous.

Sarah said...

I would SO trade you right now. Right after I remove the water sloshing around in my rain boots :)