Saturday, January 08, 2011

3/10 things I lovetohate that you do

I don't wear a watch. I stopped years ago when I always used to get excema under the strap, I never have since. I have a clock in most rooms of the house, consciously located so I can glance at the time whenever I need to.
This is my clock in the kitchen.
This is the one I look to when I'm stuck under a child (especially relevant when I was still nursing), stuck stirring a sauce, stuck on the couch with my feet up for 5 seconds.

Leaving my kitchen clock like this is just.not.on.

Even Postman Pat agrees; clear the timer on the microwave old boy! And close the goddamn door!


middle child said...

Yes, exactly. Must be a guy thing.

KT said...

Do you remember when I set Ed the task of co-ordinating all the clocks in the house during a bout of unemployment? He STILL hasn't done it.

Inge said...

its a guy thing alright! seems familiar...