Thursday, August 28, 2008

aren't you always majorly relieved when...

You've spent the day in fits of irritability, spasms of self-loathing, waves of tearfulness, you've snapped at your loved ones, shouted at strangers (granted it was a taxi-driver rat-running down my road and having the gall to toot at me), decided that your life is dismal, your outlook bleak (btw, is that how one spells 'outlook' or am I completely brain washed by Bill Gates?) oh and (is that how one spells 'brain washed'? No hyphen? Really?)... where was I....?

Oh yes, you've almost cursed the day you were born, let alone the day your child was born, you've thrown something hard and cylindrical at your cat (oh god that was yesterday, yes it was an onion if you must know, and I'm going to bring it all together under the same blanket excuse in a minute), and you very nearly phoned the mechanic who you thought was ineffectual and just plain stooopid on the phone this morning back to actually tell him that, and just when you've started thinking that you're a mean and bitter and twisted pathetic excuse for a human being..... you get your period.

Isn't that a relief? 

Followed swiftly by the thought that god chicks are full of shit. Seriously. How do we go through this every 28 days or so? 

(Is my punctuation totally off in this post? Is that how one spells 'punctuation'?)

God I need chocolate.

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