Saturday, August 30, 2008

[Deep and delicious sigh of blissful satisfaction] 

Guys, check this out. Truly is this not the most beautiful childrens media you've ever seen? Children, and their products, toys etc, beautifully and intelligently created, styled and designed to entice the real spenders, us. The beautiful and intelligent parents with an eye for design.

I am so sick of being sold children's stuff in a cutesy way, everything with twee names and ads full of tweelittleshitlooking kids. Cute kittens on tins may sell cat food; if you like your own cat you're probably a cat person, but having your own child in no way automatically endears you to other children, or indeed the whole concept of 'childhood' as advertisers often try to sell it. Primary colours, shit-eating grins, mindless slogans.

Hellllooooo, I'm still the consumer I've always been. Different products maybe but I'm as intolerant of bullshit as ever.

Once again, altogether now: "Just could we had children doesn't mean we became one." God.

So ja, - wow wow wow!



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