Friday, August 29, 2008

the onion incident

I feel I need to explain this one briefly;

I don't make it a rule to throw hard cylindrical vegetables at my domestic animals. However; I have a little ginger cat who I absolutely adore, but my oft-times threat of committing ginger felinicide have not always been in vain.

Especially when, like earlier this week (did I mention I was ragingly pre-menstrual?), she ONCE AGAIN chose to sharpen her claws on my red velvet rocking chair, when her perfectly good and custom-built scratching post was placed right next to said chair.

Alas for her, she did this right in front of me, as I was chopping onions in a dark and ominous pre-menstrual fug (oh, I mentioned that hey....). So ja, I lobbed it, she tried to duck and, completely unplanned by me, she took an onion square on the jaw.

Obviously she's fine so everyone relax, but the funny thing is - no scratching since then.....

These from back when the scratching post was new and exciting - the pre-onion hurling days...



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