Saturday, August 30, 2008

bumper cars. I mean chairs. Er....

So I've got this little thing about chairs right? You know how some people have a thing about shoes? Well I got that too, but also chairs.

People warned me that once I had a kiddie I'd want to buy cute shoes for her too. Turns out its the same with chairs. And the cool part - kiddie's shoes, and chairs, are much cheaper than adult ones.

Sooo, cutting to the chase.... Imagine my delight when I recently spot some really cute kiddie's chairs in an interiors mag, then discover they're stocked by Mr Price Kids, then read on to find they're really affordable and then, and this never happens, I phone my closest branch and they have them in store! They're called Bumper Chairs, come in fab colours and MrPK is running a special - 4 chairs plus table cheap cheap!

Off we dash to purchase chairs and everything's going swimmingly until, on the way home, I rear-end someone.

Luckily it wasn't too serious, luckily the nice old guy I drove into had a big fat bumper with tow-bar which luckily connected with my number plate leaving his car unscathed, and mine ok but for this:

The funny part? Getting home to tell Husband the story, he looks up from his computer and says; "Bumper chairs huh?".

Yup, seems so.

But how cute are they?

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