Friday, August 22, 2008

not that it's a fixation or anything...

I had about a zillion other things I was going to blog about, but then this came up.

And it's not like I have any kind of weird scatalogical obsession or anything, but this I couldn't resist...

I've always been one of those people who judge other people who have too strong thoughts about too arb things. For example; who cares whether the tomato's between the cheese and the lettuce? Will the world really come to standstill if you don't use sequential slices of bread for your toasties so the crusts line up exactly? Does your dishwasher really have to be packed exactly the same way every time? (p.s. use of whiny italics 100% intentional).

And I felt the same way about people who insisted that there was a right and a wrong way of dispensing toilet paper - is your world really so small that this registers as an important issue?

But then.... I had a baby. And somehow with the lack of sleep and the lack of free time and the paring down of my long leisurely existence (what did I do with all my time before...?), I found that I was getting completely &%%*^!! annoyed with toilet paper that wouldn't roll freely at 3amwhenyou'vejustgotthebabybacktosleepandcan finallypeebeforefallingbackintobedyourself or 4amwhenthebaby'sscreamingforafeedbutifyoudon'tpee firstyou'llpeeonherwhichwouldinallfairnessbetitfortatbut maybenotcompletelyappropriate and so, for the first time, I started noticing, and caring, which way the toilet paper was 'loaded' on the roll and discovered, to my amazement, that there really is a right and a wrong way.

I couldn't however have told you why until I found this, which explains it all far more concisely and logically than I ever could.

Check out the diagrams here, and then follow the link to read on:

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