Thursday, October 30, 2008

for art's sake

 Last night I started quite a deep and meaningful post, and was really enjoying getting a little, er, deep and meaningful, when we ran out of bandwidth and lost the internet! My god, what to do??

A short argument ensued about who'd been doing more downloading and chewing through our cap, then a mad rush to phone our service provider and order more, a temporary meltdown when we discovered their support line closes at 9pm (wtf??) and then we pulled ourselves together and got amazingly productive. Well, I did.

In the absence of the internet I;

1. Completed an album of photos from a friend's wedding

2. Made some more origami fish and strung them up in my 'studio'

3. Sorted and stored away my winter clothes (and then obviously today's been a little chilly and I had to pull out a cardi again. Obviously.)

4. Made a list of everyone I need to buy/find/make Xmas presents for, and

5. Sorted and resized a whack of photos which had just been dumped randomly onto my PC

In the process I found these, taken in and around our neighbourhood while out walking Frieda over the last few months. I love living in a suburb in which people paint on the walls.

 Milton Rd, Observatory Cape Town Oct 2008

 Gordon Rd, Observatory Aug 2008 (and in other places around Obs and the rest of town - it's a movement!)

 Lower Main Rd, Observatory Oct 2008 - I'm intrigued by this one. Who did it? What does it mean? Hmmmm....

And of course, one my personal favourites was this, but alas censorship prevails and it's been painted out. Spoil-sports.

Later we're off to the first Obs Night Market, hopefully there's some fun to be had, and then maybe even later, I'll get all deep and meaningful again...


Lynne said...

If you ever find out who did the pic of the kids with the suitcase, please tell me! I think its just beautiful!
Love your blog, by the way! Found you via Julie at Moments of Perfect Clarity.

Molly said...

Thanks for visiting Lynne.
I've been asking around about the art pics, I discovered that the Winnie the Pooh one was done by a young guy for his girlfriend's 18th birthday. Apparently it depicts characters from her childhood waving goodbye as she becomes an adult. Sweet hey?
I've not found the creator of the kids yet, but I'm determined to. I also think it's gorgeous!