Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lists of 5: 5 updates on stuff

1. This was a disappointment : (

I realised after about 50 pages, but I did still need to find out what happened, so I skip-read it in under an hour. Yada yada yada.

But I did discover this while looking for one of these. Two favourite novels, two very different stories, one iconic landmark.

2. This was fun : )

I've expanded my repertoire! And am playing with this Design*Sponge tutorial.

3. This is becoming overkill : |

No Mummy, not another one! (Pls excuse dork hair. She's only 16 months you know. Exactly. My baby... Sigh.)

4. This I couldn't photograph, her new piece I mean. But her gallery is so well worth a visit.

5. And pssst, I might have a job! Finally. Tho' obviously I'm not counting my chickens or anything. Or dreaming about spending my first pay cheque on this. Nothing like that of course.

1 comment:

julochka said...

the cover of the poppy adams still looks good tho' :-)

love the fishies, but feel a little sad for you that you have a PC. ;-) when i use mine for work now, i'm amazing how horribly slow it is!

i was thinking when i saw those banana pictures that you would getting a little tired of them. maybe you could bake some banana bread?

good luck on the job, i too would go for the chair, but i do love their slanting shelf system thingie.