Thursday, October 02, 2008

hearth & home

So, extremely boringly, fallback job option 2 hasn't worked out either. In a short week I went from zero to 2job-hero and back to zero, with a roller-coaster of emotion and angst and mental gymnastics in between. All good I 'spose, and all useful in working out what I want to, and can, do yada yada yada... 

I've very kindly been thrown some consultancy work by a friend which'll keep me out of mischief for the time being, but I'm aching to get my teeth into something and more importantly, earn some real money!

Not least of all to carry on doing this...

The fireplace in our lounge room. When it still belonged to the PREVIOUS OWNER. Can you handle? 30 years of accumulated knick-knacks, catholic kitsch, chinese shing-shong and general wtf-is-that-and-where-oh-where-did-they-buy-it??

This photo does touch a soft spot for me though. The old guy we bought the house from was facing the fact that he was too old to maintain the place by himself anymore. He was preparing to leave the home he'd lived in for 3 decades, where he'd raised his children and his wife had died. This stuff which we giggle over was all part of that life for him and I'm sure each item held some particular significance. Even that urn (?), jug (?), vase (?) in the foreground... really?

However, not long after we moved in this same corner looked like this;

and then like this;

and finally, and only about 2 years later (I feel this is a good time to tell you we were DOING ALL THE WORK OURSELVES!!!), like this:

This week we've been in our house for 5 years, we moved in the week before we got married, Oct 2003, and while we've done huge amounts of work on the place we still feel so far from even vaguely finished (does one ever though?). It's really good to look back at pics like this to see how far we've come, but oh lordy it would be good to earn some cash and get m'crackin' on the rest of it!

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julochka said...

i definitely know the feeling of doing it yourself (tho' we had one essential polish guy, who are are thinking of adopting) and trying to erase the traces of those who came before. :-) it is worth it in the end, isn't it? :-)