Saturday, October 11, 2008

poor puddy-tat

As I may have mentioned, we actually have 2 cats. Fritta, the mad ginger perp, has already made a couple of appearances here, but for too long have I neglected to mention our other kitty; our first baby, she of the velvet paws, lover of cappuccino foam, bulimic half Siamese, neurotic devotee of all things human...

Khoki (Felt-Tip to non-South Africans)

Poor Khoki has never quite recovered from her demotion from adored and indulged fur-kid to adored and not-so-indulged-anymore number 1 pet. (It's ok, Fritta's well aware of the situation and totally fine with it. No really, she prefers the number 2 slot - less pressure). I think you can guess who usurped Khoks?

I think you can guess how Khoki feels about her?

The Tale of a Sad Kitty

Khoki, will you play with me?
Begone, demon spawn

Ok this is how the game works...

Khoki & I are going to build something!
Unless it's a shrine to my previous life I’m not playing.

You can have this yellow one.
No thank you.

AND this wooden stick!
No. Thank you.

Blah blah blah....
I wish I was dead.
Next it'll be the bonnet and the doll’s pram. Sigh.

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