Wednesday, November 12, 2008

1 last thing: I've got a job!

And is it ever cool?!

It's with them. Seriously; how cool?

Of course it's not in Geneva or anything. It's with their country office in tiny little Swaziland. That's Swaziland not Switzerland.
Less cheese, more Queens. Well, more queens in the traditional sense of the word...

Anyhoo, I am contracted to them for the next few months which is;
a) a job! finally! christmas presents for all!
b) going to be exciting, challenging and stimulating (Swaziland is not without some major problems - TAB: That's Africa Baby)
c) did I mention, very very cool!

1 comment:

julochka said...

that's awsome! congratulations!!

man, i need to get a job with someone who is trying to make a difference...