Saturday, November 29, 2008

'tis the season to be thrifty

Husband resigned yesterday.

With only 26 shopping days to go 'til Christmas. 

Oh and that small thing called Global Economic Recession.

Oh and, the toddler. And, the home loan. And, the contract which hasn't yet started.

So last night we did what any responsible adults would do, and finished off a very good bottle of wine, too many shots of a very good whiskey, and an extremely delicious cigar to celebrate, all the while planning our Thrifty Christmas and while we're on the topic, our potentially Very Thrifty Few Months to come. And laughed long and loud about being masters of our own destiny.

And the best thing of all is that this morning, despite two very good hangovers, we still feel upbeat and energised, united in a common purpose and excited about this next stage.

Basically it all happened fairly fast, but was not completely unpredicted. Husband and partners have recently started their own company, but were contracted to Another Business Who Shall Not be Named (or ABWSNBN) in their personal capacities to cover their salaries while growing the start-up. ABWSNBN have increasingly been acting like shits and finally really put their foot in it by trying to sell husband to a bigger conglomerate with no consultation, fore-warning or even courtesy in-house memo. Husband ain't having none of it.

Not being a hasty man however, there are many exciting prospects in the pipeline and a number of options available. His company is growing well and we're hoping soon it'll be able to support him outright, and in the meantime we'll be thrifty, and mindful, and cool-headed.

And, most importantly, Masters of Our Own Destiny! Mmmm wha ha ha ha ha (evil laugh with gleeful hand-rubbing)....

And I'll go take another Panado with a big glass of water.... groan...


julochka said...

scary stuff, but also motivating, isn't it? best of luck with the new chapter you're embarking upon!!!

BrightBoy said...

What kind of business is your husband in? The company my father was employed with went under when the economy turned, and then my mother nearly lost her job in a round of layoffs.

For quite some time we were very worried, but my mother's company has retained her and my father is beginning to make more money at a new job.

I hope your husband finds new work soon. In the meantime, save like fiends. And then, if he starts raking it in, save like fiends. The only reason we're okay now is because my parents shoveled the money away when they were making a ton of it.

Molly said...

Thanks for visiting.
Husband’s in IT.
Yup, I think if you’re lucky these upheavals often lead to new and exciting opportunities and sometimes it does us good to be rocked out of complacency and take some risks!
We’re confronted with so much poverty and desperation everyday that even to have a thrifty Christmas is privilege, and it does good to be reminded of that.