Wednesday, November 19, 2008

club duvet

Pre baby, this was a place I used to spend sooooo much time. I was one of it's most loyal patrons, easily spending 4 or 5 evenings a week there, often even weekday evenings until late. I was wild I tell you.
I had whole outfits bought and put together specifically for this illustrious venue, I'd often spend hours getting ready to go there, taking long luxurious baths, creaming and buffing and primping and preening, no effort was too much to look and feel my very best.

Ok, ok, I'm talking about my bed. Sigh. Not that I wasn't a wild clubber in my time, but that was quite a while pre-baby I'm afraid, baby just came along as the Ultimate Excuse for not going out every Saturday night anymore...

No, I'm talking about the blissful days of just lots and lots of time spent in bed. Reading, dreaming, gazing out the window at the mountain. Delicious afternoon naps, reading until 3am, turning the lights out at 9pm, all of these options have become such rarefied luxuries these days.

There's always some wanker going on about how one's bed should be a sanctuary and that one should only use it for sleeping (and the occasional shag I imagine) and not 'sully' it with laptops and homework and cats and biscuit crumbs etc, but I think that's a load of bollocks.
My bed is one of my favourite places in the whole wide world and Africa and recently I started to miss it.

Obviously I sleep in it every night, but that time had become so functional - dragging myself off to bed when I really couldn't stay awake any longer, sleeping like the dead, jumping out in the morning when baby calls or alarm went off. I miss the lazing, the safe, comfy snuggling. The kitty time. I miss being horizontal even when I'm not actually asleep. And I miss reading for hours, not just a quick few pages before ohgodIsimplymustturnthelightoutortomorrowwillbehell.

And so I'm resubscribing my membership of Club Duvet. I plan to spend loads more time here over the next week, even if it is computer time (how much do I love wireless internet?) or work time, it happens here. With kitties and biscuit crumbs and phones and my delicious new read waiting patiently for me. I will be found in bed, thank you very much!

And in the absence of an orgasmically beautiful Tord Boontje garland light which I've always coveted for my bedroom, I've strung up this Christmas bauble, which catches the light just so, and makes me very happy. 

Update: the mirror ball of Club Duvet! Rock on!

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