Tuesday, November 25, 2008

lucky #13

You know you're of a certain age, or in a certain stage, when the population explosion becomes all too real and you feel as if there are babies popping up (out?) all around you.

The 13th baby of 2008 was born this morning, the 13th that we know of personally that is. Cyberly (a new word? Collins? Oxford? Anyone?) I also know of this one, this one and this one in the last month or so, but I'm not counting those as personal friends, although I sure know a lot about them!

But number 13 has a special story. And remember this guy, born about 10 days ago, 11 weeks prem? This story relates to him too. 

Once upon a time, not very long ago, there were 2 good friends. They were both keen to breed, both had histories of conception-related problems, but each had faith in her own way that they would become the mothers they'd always hoped to be.

Time ticked on and neither fell pregnant, but both remained optimistic and calm, staunchly believing their time would come.

And so it came to pass that these 2 friends discovered within 24 hours of each other that they were both pregnant, and both due in the same week in early 2009. Much rejoicing and celebrating ensued, and this continued when a few months later they discovered they were both expecting boys!

(I think you can tell where this is headed....)

10 days ago one of the friends had her boy prematurely, and then this morning, just to make sure these two stories continued in parallel, the other friend had hers. 30 weeks, 1.3 kg.

All mums & babies are doing really well, and the rest of us are all feeling a little weirded out....

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