Wednesday, April 22, 2009

blog love

I've SO many posts lurking in my mind, and in my Drafts, which I'm just not getting to. New things happen, new thoughts, new presidents (oh no wait, that's not official quite yet ...), but the merit, or the utter arbness as the case may be, of the forgotten posts remains, and I really want to try and catch up a bit!

Starting out, I've an overdue thank you to say. The lovely Julochka ~ bestower of iPods and awards, and co-blogger on Balderdash ~ has recently honoured me with another blog award. She's such a prolific blogger and reader of so many great blogs that I am quite touched. Thanks Julie! And also, it seems her blogthusiasm has paid off - Moments of Perfect Clarity was chosen as Blogger's daily Blog of Note yesterday and she's well-deservedly basking in the glory, and now hosting a whole bunch of new followers round her virtual dinner table. 

So this is me, spreading joy and love like an acorn! Thanks for not reading ; )