Thursday, April 16, 2009

the thing about this ..

... is that it's more than just a very lovely Skermunkil necklace.
It's also:
  • an investment in South African design
  • the fulfilment of a long-held desire to own one
  • celebrating my d├ęcolletage, which I'm usually a little shy of revealing too much of as I have scarring from a long battle with acne
  • an embracing of the colour blue, and an acknowledgement that it is, in fact, my favourite colour, in all it's hues and nuances
  • a celebration of the fact that my girlie has gotten old enough to understand that delicate jewellery is fragile, and must be handled with care. Soon I'll be wearing dangly earrings again ...
  • something which is making me happy every day

And yes, that is my cereal bowl in the background. I'm a domestic slut.


julochka said...

i'm probably gonna need one of those.

and one cereal bowl does not a domestic slut make...remember the laundry room?

Fi said...

Want one of them!