Tuesday, April 07, 2009

the (not so) little doggie who could

Our (not so) little pup is proving to be a wonderful addition to the family. 

[Moment of gracious deference to Husband's foresight and good judgement.]

In fact, I may even be so gushy as to say that a dog really makes a family, and could even have a completely archaic un-pc moment whereby I say something silly like 'family = moi + husband + child + dog'. But then I'll quickly reassure you with the knowledge that my mathematical ability is non-existent and that I'm radically pre-menstrual, so I'm not even vaguely to be trusted to make any kind of equations or say anything sound at this time. And also I'm getting this look from another highly valued family member so best I just STFU and move on. Ahem.

But what brought on this emotionally-charged little puppy love-fest? 

Yesterday our sweet and loving family pet turned into a ferocious barking scary beast from hell. And just when I was starting to wonder whether she had it in her ... 

On Friday I mentioned to my brother that I was a little concerned that she'd not shown any signs of aggression or defensive attitude. Obviously this is primarily a good thing, but I didn't agree to get a dog just for the company - lord knows I don't need any more of that - and I was starting to wonder if we'd lucked out with the soppiest bull terrier on the planet. My brother assured me that if Lego (le pup) thought for a minute that her turf or family were being threatened we'd see what she's really made of, and yesterday she proved her mettle. Big time.

Allow me to digress a little ... you may remember the neighbour with the avo tree? I've been watching the latest harvest growing fat on the er, tree, for some time now, biding my time til the fruits are ready for some surreptitious midnight harvesting (much to the disgust of Husband who likes to pretend he owns the moral high ground but will feast on those avo's as avidly as me when the time comes so there). The avo's are nearly there, a couple more days and they'll be perfect. So imagine my shock at seeing one of my other neighbours creeping along our wall yesterday morning on a stealthy avo-raiding mission of his own!

Not stealthy enough! Oh no, my lovable family pooch, on spotting an unknown figure atop the garden wall, turned into a bristling rabid fireball of manic barking and spitting outrage. The avo-thief very nearly toppled into her awaiting jaws from fright, our illicit avo supply was spared and the Very Brave Pup was rewarded with mega puppy treats and lavished with praise. As soon as I was brave enough to open the back door. Man, she was s-c-a-r-y.


And the perfect time for me to gain faith in her guard-dog abilities - as Husband is off to Pakistan for Easter. Yup, 5 days in Karachi on business the poor dude.

I don't have high hopes for Pakistan's Easter egg supply ... But at least I'll sleep easy while he's away knowing that Lego the Lion-Hearted is On Guard.

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julochka said...

pakistan? i don't think it's very nice there...or safe. maybe the dog should go with him. :-)

i love, tho' that the dog saved the avocados, that could almost make me a dog person. if only we could grow avocados here. which we might be able to at the rate global warming is accelerating.