Wednesday, April 22, 2009

election day on the southern-most tip of africa

We voted.

And then, with the rest of a lovely still, cool, public holiday ahead of us, we dropped the kidlet off at Granny's and took a long bike ride round this awesome place we live.

I just tried to upload this one to Earth Mosaic, but it seems they've been inundated and are no longer able to upload anything. Guess the world's a pretty big place ...

And some more eating ... Lovely fish 'n prawns, with my tagged thumb to prove I did my civic duty.
Let's see what comes of that.


julochka said...

i would kill for the prawns right now. please say it wasn't at that gorgeous little restaurant below simonstown and about halfway down to the cape (and which i clearly can't remember the name of)...but where you can sit outside and watch the whales. sigh. you don't need BoN, you have cape town!!! sniff, sniff....

i kid you not, my WV word is CTLUCK.

i tell you, google is controlling everything. we're in the matrix.

julochka said...

p.s. cool voter mark, by the way.

and i just learned that i should not click into any of those links under "things i want"

i clicked on the springbok thingie, thinking i could hook you up (because i know someone at FSP who makes those gorgeous purses--of which i have a red one i springbok--cuz those guys totally go to the hairdresser, right?--but it was mirrors, not purses). and now i want a mirror instead.

dang, now i go on and on on your blog. going to sleep now.


Just Jules said...

Now, that kind of food can not be found here in Minnesota,USA!!! Coming your way via julochka.

You always leave such lovely comments - so here I am visiting .


Fi said...

You're SO LUCKY, what an amazing place!!! I want to come! xx

eda said...