Monday, February 23, 2009

frieda monday

(I know, I know, I really should have chosen Fridays for Frieda's day, it would've scanned better.)

But Frieda Monday it is, a no-nanny, no-work, all day play day with Frieda and Mum. That's me.

Depending on the lead-in weekend, Frieda Monday has sometimes been frustrating in that it feels like a slow way to start the week, but more and more I've come to realise that there-in lies the beauty. I get to start the week with a whole day with my girl, just her and me, arb-ing around, doing some errands, but mainly just playing and being and living the moment.

We always start slow - 'cos we're working at Frieda's pace see - and are often still in our PJ's come midday. I try to do some chores, but what doesn't get done, doesn't get done. I've always got some vague plans for errands or excursions if we need them, but if we don't leave the house that's also fine.

Today included cheese & banana for breakfast (Frieda's choice, naturally), singing along to Alanis's Ironic at full volume in the car (well, I sang, Frieda kind of screamed her appreciation), a couple of loads of laundry (she's such a keen little helper) ...

Some tiresome games of 'hee haw' (someone gave it to her ok, I'd never spend money on a pastel coloured sparkly pony. Obviously she loves it.)

Some collaging for me - amazing what a distraction little paper off-cuts can be...

A late afternoon trip to our beloved recycling depot. This place is so cool I once heard a little boy tell his Mum it was his 'favourite place in the world'. Ok, maybe I should feel sorry for the poor kid, but it is pretty great. We found a set of vintage tins for the kitchen at their thrift shop and a lovely Eric Carle for our collection.

We walked the puppy, read lots of books, rolled on the floor chasing dust-motes in a sunbeam, ate peanut butter sandwiches, watered the garden, chatted to the cats and generally just took it all One Minute at a Time.

And that is a luxury to be treasured.

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julochka said...

it sounds like a glorious day. and there's nothing wrong with being your in pjs when midday arrives. and it's good to get her started on alanis appreciation early. alanis rocks.