Tuesday, February 24, 2009

lists of 5: 5 things to get 2009 back on track

Gawd, SO Cape Town... I resolved last Thursday to make this list. I gave myself grace until the new week to start it. Now it's Tuesday...

But, in my defence, I think I lost momentum for it as the items on this particular agenda started resolving and revealing themselves before the list was even written down. Thereby proving that the power of listing lies not with the list, so much as the making of the list - mentally or physically.

It's deep no? 

So here goes:

1. Find a job. ✓(Ok so it's just for March for now, but I have faith more will come of it...)

2. Sort out my studio! Half a ✓(can you guess what fancy new HTML code I learnt recently?) 

3. Up my game. Fitness wise that is. I'm working on it...

4. Focus on quality, not quantity, for my time with Frieda. See yesterday's post...

5. Focus on quantity, not necessarily quality, for my time with husband. We need to just hang out more. I.e. lie on the couch and watch trashy DVD's. Duly scheduled for the weekend.

I already feel so much more relaxed and happy, and the not so astounding truth of the matter is ... because I have work lined up. For all my breezy 'career is just not that important to me' statements, I'm aching to get Stuck Into Something. And next week, I will. Yay!!


Amanda said...

This is a great list, Molly! I especially love the last item. I resolve to do that one too!

julochka said...

i know this "aching to get stuck into something feeling." next week for me as well. silly work permit. i'm sure i'll look back and think i did not use my time wisely.

and i'm totally with you on the list thing...sometimes making it is all it takes.