Saturday, February 28, 2009

molly needs ...

Just for laughs - I remember this going round on email a while ago, now apparently it's circulating on Facebook too. It's very silly, but worth the laugh.

Google your 1st name and 'needs' - i.e. molly needs ... I picked the best (there seemed to be many, many Molly Needs New Shoes - which is 100% spot-on naturally - but I think it must be a recently released book?)

Anyhoo, here goes:

1. Molly needs a new full-time Mom. (ja -haaaaaaaaaaa! could this be any truer?!)

2. Molly needs a favor. (baby-sitting anyone?)

3. Molly needs a 'do'. (mullet? afro? up-comb?)

4. Molly needs to be in brackish water. (wtf?)

5. Molly needs to be very afraid. (er.... )

6. Molly needs a wheelchair / cart. (when you gotta roll, you gotta roll)

7. Molly needs a smack. (oooo,  a naughty one ... )

8. Molly needs leg amputation. (this explains no. 6)

9. Molly needs to go .. now. (but I'll hold it for a minute longer)

10. Molly needs SLEEP BADLY.

Night night.

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