Tuesday, February 17, 2009

in which I moan. a lot.

To be completely truthful, one of the major reasons for my lack of blogging recently is that every post I think about, and sometimes start writing, ends up being a big fat moan. Which then makes me feel self-indulgent, which then stymies me, which then annoys and frustrates me even more blah blah blah...

But heck, if I can't have an all out, rip roaring, bells tolling, vale of tears inducing, pathetic pity party on my own blog then where can I right? So here goes: ye have been warned.

Fuck life is just hectic right now.

Oooo, and just like that:   light bulb moment!!!!

(see, this is why I blog....)

SUDDEN REALISATION: it's not because I'm so busy and feeling sorry for myself that I've not been blogging. It's 'cos I don't really feel I've reason enough to complain about being so busy and feeling sorry for myself.

I say life is so hectic right now, but if you ask me to list what's going I immediately feel inadequate when I think of all the people I know who seem to do so much more (like working for instance). On paper my life doesn't seem that crazy, but can I just say that living it is not very easy at the moment.

The child ~ is veeeery busy. Growing, talking, teething and, just in the last 24h, crapping. A lot. Her paed is lobbing terms like 'bacterial diaherrea' and 'stool samples' around but I'm sticking my fingers in my ears and la-la-la-la-ing for now. Stool samples? Surely not.

The puppy ~ is veeeery busy. Growing, playing, also teething apparently and, all the time, crapping. A lot. Any stool samples required there could be procured in a matter of minutes. No problemo.

The weather ~ is veeeerry hot. And while I understand that this is not an excuse for anything really, it does contribute an over-bearing, ummm, heat to everything. Making things like growing, playing, teething and cleaning up crap that much more strenuous. 

The career ~ is veeeery stagnant. There are still possibilities on the horizon, some more exciting than others, and for possibilities I must, at this stage, be truly grateful. But nothing concrete, nothing to get my teeth into, nothing bringing in any significant cash, and this all a bit heavy at the mo.

Add to this; a house guest, a full and vibrant household, a f*kass taxi strike which left us with no cleaner and no nanny for some of last week, a bunch of social occasions, an over-active brain, sleepless nights, legless tights (oh wait, not sure how that crept in) yada yada yada... 

And here endth the moan. Truly my life is mundane. Thank god no one reads this crap.

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julochka said...

i'm reading (even if i'm a bit slow...) and i think it's ok to have a bit of a rant once in awhile. it's good to get these things out of your system. tho' i'm jealous that it's hot. here, it's been snowing all week, which is actually a welcome change, so i shouldn't really complain. it's nice to have proper winter and not just crappy grey, cloudy days...

i'm sure it will all be better soon...i was going to ask where you're at on the 100 bits of creativity, but you already answered that in the next post.

i need to count up mine and list them. tho' it will probably make me feel inadequate.

hope your cleaner comes back. mine's coming tomorrow and i now that i know how important this is, i have a great deal of sympathy for you being without yours...