Friday, February 27, 2009

when we do the things we do (no.14)

Sometimes, very rarely, we like to make a revolting '70's dessert. It's usually on the weekend.

'Cos we're seriously hardcore.

I give you ... the Friday Night Blancmange.

Well, a kind of a blancmange. This one's also known as a fruit form pudding - blackcurrent jelly, evaporated milk, berry juice and, just 'cos I like to fuck with things, some pureed banana & vanilla yoghurt - or in our family, Dead Man's Lung.

Can you see why?

It was delicious, and Frieda's got a mini Dead Teddy's Lung waiting for her for tomorrow. It might even count for no. 15, if I get all creative with the sprinkles ...


Amanda said...

oh my god...that is really bad...really really bad. HOw creative (I think?) of you!

julochka said...

love the tray with the dots behind it..totally gives it that retro feel.

and strangely, it looks pretty yummy!